[2014 1 10] Bocas del Toro Mural/ Panama
Collaborative piece with Barbara Cartier

[2013 12 5] Wynwood Mural/ Miami
Special Thank to el Topo,zozen,Mina and kenor so much fun, my new colors brothers.

[2013 10 3] SO EASY/ SO HARD
Solo exhibition/ Mateo Sariel/ Panama


[2013 07 15] AG2 Installation/ Halle 14/Leipzig Germany

[2013 07 15] Kuna Mural/ Bienal of Panama

Photos:}Samuel Rumaldo Choy,Alegre Saporta

[2013 07 10] Interview Societe Perrier


[2013 04 15] New Studio Halle14/ Leipzig, Germany

[2013 03 25] Metronome I/ Installation

La instalación Metronome I nace de su reflexión al explorar los conceptos de forma, movimiento y tiempo.
El artista logra la creación de movimiento y ritmo a través de la utilización de su vocabulario de formas geométricas inspiradas en la caligrafía y graffitis.
Como referencia, estas formas forman parte de su trabajo anterior, como las frutas en los arboles; y ahora toman el protagonismo de la obra enfocándose
mas al espacio y al movimiento de sus iconos.
. Pieza Comisionada
· Aluminio
· Pintura Automotriz
· Dimensiones Variables
· Panamá 2013

[2013 03 25] Mural Cisco Nelio Ogre/ Lyon France

New Friends and new pieces, located in Lyon-France, good times see you in the next time lyon big hug. thank to Nelio y Ogre for all


[2012 10 22] Inner Voice

Inner Voice
Cisco Merel
153 x 173 cm
Panama 2012

[2012 10 22] Cambutal/ Photography

[2012 10 22] Nippon White Bonsai

[2012 10 22] Picture Over Picture/ Galeria Sol Del Rio/ Guatemala

[2012 10 17] Neon Magic Tree

[2012 09 24] De Mi Barrio a Tu Barrio Book/ Goethe-Institut

[2012 09 22] Melody Forms Fabric/ Germany

[2012 09 22] Module11/ Photography

[2012 09 22] Kuna/ Leipzig / Germany

[2012 04 23] Self Portrait/ Installation

Self Portrait
Interactive Installation

Located in an building at Panama’s old district, Casco Viejo, the basic idea of the piece was to create an abstract figuration that was interactive. That way, the silhouette of the public is painted by shapes, colours, and lights in order to create movements and forms.
The major objective of this installation was that people from different social backgrounds could experiment with art, no matter where they came from.

Macrofest, Casco Viejo , Panama city
March 2012

Special Thanks
Curator: Johann Wolfschoon
Rosendo Merel, Samyrum, Gustavo Simons, Manuel Choy, Ruben Castillo
MacroFest, Tantalo Hotel
futuraa.com, Sala25.com


[2012 04 23] ABOVE: Passport Book
ABOVE: Passport Book

My friend ABOVE sent me this amazing present. It is his latest publication about his journey painting around the world. Inside he tells some of his anecdotes during his South/Central American tour, and also the piece he made during his time in Panama is included. Check it out!

Here is his webpage.


[2012 04 22] Cisco & Demon Slayer Mural/ Corona, Los Angeles CA

After 7 years of not seeing my friend Dan, we did this mural in a factory at Corona, Los Angeles CA. This mural represents our friendship. Ultimately, we had a lot of fun doing this project together.

Thanks to the Nguyen family and Andrew Barsoum for all the support during the making of the mural.

[2012 04 22] One Up Zine/ Collective Project/ Los Angeles Ca

“One Up” is a limited edition, small independent publication most commonly known as a “zine”. Only 40 issues are printed of this 30 page, full color printed zine, which includes the artwork of Dan Nguyen, Colson Knight and me. Also this small publication includes posters of their artwork.

[2012 04 22] Cisco Mural/ Panama City

[2012 02 24] BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG LOVE/ Underline Gallery/ NY

Feb. 9 > Mar. 31, 2012
238 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10011
a group show exploring the subject of relationships through the formal properties of light and color, spotlights a variety of mediums from light mobiles and installations to painting and photography.Through these ephemeral, subjective media, the works demonstrate, question, and complicate the fragility and uncertainty of intimacy against the backdrop of some of the coldest months of the year.

Thank for all:Casey Burry

Unknown Poetry 175—150, acrylic on canvas

[2012 02 24] Lanzamiento Revista Rara/ Guatemala

Lanzamiento Revista Rara 6, Galeri­a Sol del Rio Guatemala, 25 enero 2012


Fotos:Revista Rara

Abstract Garden Installation

[2011 12 05] Minimal Tree Limit Edition/ Serigraphy


Signed & Numbered Limit Edition of 35 + 5 AP / Picture available in 3 different variations of colors

60 cm x 40 cm

12 colors serigraphy

Hand made

300 grams paper

Made in Germany

Price: $500

Contact: info@ciscomerel.com

Firmada y Numeradas Edicion limitada de 35 + 5 AP/ Disponibles en 3 diferentes variaciones de colores

60 cm x 40 cm

Serigrafia 12 colores

Hechas a mano

Papel de 300 gramos

Hechas en Alemania

Precio: $500.00

Contacto: info@ciscomerel.com

[2011 12 02] Rue des Pyrénées/ Paris

[2011 11 11] Cisco Merel & W/ Graffiti Nature/ Salt Fine Art/ Laguna Beach/ California

November 3 – December 29, 2011
Opening Reception: Thursday, November 3, 2011 from 6 – 9 pm

Graffiti Nature / The Nature of Graffiti explores the spectrum of influence “street art” has had on contemporary art through the work of two ground-breaking artists, Cisco Merel and the collaborative team W.

Merels canvases combine the compositional awareness of a classical painter and the graphic qualities of a street artist in order to convey a post-modern Utopia, moments of beauty and color infused into a world of chaos and concrete. Merel has a deep and abiding respect for nature and the environment that infuses all of his work. The results are delightfully manic compositions comprised of dense tree branches colorfully painted in his signature tubular style or vibrant birds flying upon dense graffiti wings.

W represents two artists, Paz Ulloa and Vinicio Jimenez, working together as a team. Passing their creations between each artist, both add a small part that contributes to whole therefore continuously reinventing the meaning of the piece until it is deemed finished. Process gives way to a constructed comic book-anime universe, fluid and rapidly moving, seen through a youthful gaze.


[2011 11 10] Cisco Mural/ Venice Beach.CA

[2011 10 13] Abstract Gardens

Cisco Merel
Abstract Garden
Mix Media
452 x 177 x370 cm

Mateo Sariel Gallery,PanamaCity
14 September – 15 October 2011

Special Thanks:
Rosendo Merel
Ruben Castillo
Audio: Francisco Erroz
Familia Merel Choy
Mateo Sariel Galeria

[2011 09 17] Studio Visit/ Details

[2011 05 13] Pilotenkueche/ Spring Spinnerei Rundgang 2011/ Leipzig, Germany

Installation view

Indio Kuna/ Indian Kuna
150 x 135 cm
Acrylic on canvas

Spiritual Message
200 x 200 cm
Acrylic on canvas

Beats and Pieces
155 x 175 cm
Acrylic on canvas

[2011 05 12]Spring Spinnerei Rundgang 2011/Art Fair/ Leipzig, Germany

Spring Spinnerei Rundgang 2011

Cisco Merel, Smoking the Pipe, 2011

Spring Spinnerei Rundgang 2011

Great painter and friend Tilo Baumgartel

Gallery Nara Roesler/ Sao Paulo

[2011 05 03] Mini Book

[2011 05 03] Spinart magazine


Small Look

PILOTENKUECHE is an Artist Residency Program based on group dynamic. Six-to-eight artists each work on an individual project during a three-to-four month period at Spinnerei in Leipzig, working in their own area within the 300 m2 (900 ft2) communal loft hall How the artist uses their time and space and opportunities in the Spinnerei are their choice. The communal working space can be used 24-hours a day.

The Pilotenkueche philosophy is focused on an interest of exchange and kinetic dialogue about art ideas, approaches and methods practiced in other places and from other individuals. We are fascinated with how they come into practice in the communal working space at the Spinnerei. Pilotenkueche wishes to provide our participants with the experience of accomplishing something as a group; and, moreover, in experimenting with new forms of cooperation vital in fostering an independent position in one’s work.

Pilots:Christian Weidner, Wien (Vienna) -Inga Momsen, Leipzig/Hamburg – Marko Lipus, Wien (Vienna) – Cisco Merel, Panama – Melody Panosian, Berlin/Schweden(Sweden),-Anija Seedler, Leipzig -Susanne Kuschel, Leipzig.


Colorspace/ Cisco Merel

[2011 02 22] State of L3/M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

Thanks to Antonio and The State of L3 crew


[2011 02 21] Good Memories/Global Fresh Collective NewYork09

Thanks Pedro and Miller Beer for amazing meeting, a group of uber-cool brains from around the world dedicated to exploring, debating and celebrating collaboration across the creative industries.
Members of the formal group brought together by Miller Genuine Draft are:
Pedro Winter aka Busy P – France, Slikour – South Africa, Mans Glaeser – Sweden, Cisco Merel – Panama, Asya Gorbacheva – Russia, Sanghon Kim – South Korea, Crunc Tesla – USA
Tablo – South Korea, Marcin Czubala – Poland, Can Sertoglu – Turkey, DJ Daruma – Japan

Rachelle Mozman Great friend and artist. http://www.rachellemozman.com

[2011 02 19] Rue de Paris 2010

Freestyle session

Ment(Rio), Artpopof(Fr), Marko93(Fr), Bruno Big(Rio), Native(NY), Da Cruz(Fr)

MGAt(Rio), Bruno Big(Rio), Dem189(Fr), Ment(Rio),

[2010 06 01] Paris Summer( Welcome Cite Des Art)

The View From my new studio

[2010 05 07] (Sans) Ana Elena Garuz + Cisco Merel Collective